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My GMC Typhoon Custom Trail Hitch

My GMC Typhoon Custom Trailer Hitch

The following is contributed by Ed O’Rourke. After researching various manufacturers for a “hidden” hitch to fit a Typhoon, I gave up looking since it turned out that nobody makes a “hide-a-hitch” for Ty’s. I went to a local welder and requested a custom hitch be made that would hide behind my license plate, but because the fuel tank is directly behind the bumper, there wasn’t sufficient space to put a hitch receiver in there too. I could either have a custom fuel tank made (pricey$$) or extend my bumper out 4″ to accommodate the custom hitch. I can imagine the nightmare that would cause trying to get the cladding to look right.

I finally decided to just have a hitch made keeping it as ‘stealthy’ as possible but without the high cost of the alternatives. It ended up costing me a total of $75 for a well-built (but slightly visible) hitch that will pull a small trailer with one or two quads, or jet skis, but very little else.  My GMC Typhoon custom trailer hitch photos below:

GMC Typhoon trailer hitch close-upGMC Typhoon trailer hitch rear view GMC Typhoon trailer hitch side view