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Certificates of Authenticity

Syclone Typhoon Certificates of AuthenticityCertificates of Authenticity That Are Just Like The Originals!

Every Syclone and Typhoon enthusiast wouldn’t have a complete collection unless they had one of these. Certificates of Authenticity that GMC offered to original purchasers of the Syclone or Typhoon but you had to contact them and request it to receive one.  Unfortunately, they are no longer available from GMC.


We offer customized Syclone and Typhoon Certificates of Authenticity that are just like the GMC originals made with your name and the VIN number of your vehicle.  There was only one standard template used for these COA’s so they may not match your vehicle’s color.

The size of the customized prints is 8.5″ x 11″ printed on high-gloss photo paper using Epson Ultrachrome long-life archival inks printed by Art Resource Technology.

Only $15.00 each and includes shipping within the Continental U.S. only.